Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ever met a zombie?

It’s local news, though it’s not my local. I found this amusing article that reads more like an editorial. You may enjoy it. It’s chock full of anti-zombie racism, and exploitation of the word in commercial use. People like this deserve to have their brains munched. I’m sure it would make a tasty appetizer smothered in ketchup.
Forward the article to all your friends of “folklore,” and maybe the Herald staff writer, Candice Boutilier will hear from a few. I hear if you smear manure in your locks, zombies won’t bite you in the head. Maybe she’ll try that.


Bill Stevenson said...

Thanks for reading, enjoying and posting a link to our newspaper. The article is a column called "My Turn," not a news story. She found an amusing way to connect a few zombie stories together. And yes, she's not too keen on zombies - pure zombie racist is right.

Webmonster said...

Thank you, Bill. Though I’m a vampire I still have an affinity with zombies, and I was raised to be tolerant. Unless they are all "in my face" about brains, I’m not all in their face about blood ;)
Apologies about the article/column mix-up. I fail.