Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prince prints have hints of splints

This has to be the coolest body feature (aside from flight ability of course). Scientists have found out that some frogs have claws beneath their skin. They pop through their skin like Wolverine of X-Men fame. The mistake the scientists make is that they think the frogs use the claws to fight against predators and enemies; but in actuality they use the claws to cut off warts.

Clicky for article.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kraken the case

I found this fascinating article in The Sydney Morning Herald online. It’s about the creatures of the ocean that have not yet been discovered. Somehow they arrive on the seemingly arbitrary number of 18 undiscovered large creatures. I know of at least 27 that you don’t know, and I don’t even attend the annual monster meetings. One creature I can’t wait to meet is the giant starfish.
Looks like they are giving up on Nessie too. Good for her. She was about to shave her head and smash some Scottish SUVs with her umbrella. She craves attention, but despises it at the same time.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Edge of weird

The Boston Herald’s The Edge is trying to drum up tourism. It’s a good idea to visit Massachusetts for their paranormal activity and strange attractions. ‘Weird Massachusetts,’ author Jeff Belanger is a collector of these places, and stories. Great series of books.

Read the Edge column
for some interesting tidbits.
I think I’ll go for a swim in Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Louis de Pointe du Lac and Angelina

Well, isn’t this special? Angelina Jolie is curious about vampires. Read the article here. Now we know why she’s keeping Brad Pitt all to herself. She’s thinking Brad Pitt is actually Louis de Pointe du Lac.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mande barung me all the way to the jungle

My family took in an exchange student from India last year. His name was Madhu, and he was one of the elusive mande barung — the black and white Big Foot of India. He was a nice guy. Didn’t say much about his home, but he was okay to have around the house. He actually helped to build the tree-house in the backyard.
He sent me this article with video links yesterday. He and his family were playing games with a fellow named Dipu Marak because the commission of tourism there paid him to “be seen.” He’s hoping it doesn’t affect his privacy, but then again he’s a real ham.

Click to see the article.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anti-zombites can change

Well, I’m flabbergasted. Recently I got a comment on one of my posts from an editor to one of the columns to which I linked. That was a pretty weird sentence. Glad I don’t have an editor to get on my case about it. I thought that would be that, and I could go on in my solitude, simply sending a few articles your way. It’s not the way life goes (or the way unlife goes).
The columnist has decided to write a follow-up, and I must commend her for her efforts. This anti-zombite is trying really hard to be more tolerant. I’ve heard it before though, “I have friends who are zombies/vampires/demons/reanimated corpses.” She’s got a long way to go. Being tolerant is not muzzling your neighbors. You offer cookies and tea to your human neighbors, why not offer a brain bite to your zombie friends? Or a nibble and sup to the vampires you know?
Then we read about her favorite vampire movies. That’s all well and good, but she seems to have neglected one important fact about those fiascos. Every movie she mentions ends up with multiple vampire deaths. Doesn’t she like happy endings? Oh, Candice Boutilier, it is I who asks who you are. I’m glad your eyes are opening. I am only a wee vampire trying to get along in a human world.
Columbia Basin is a long way from Dread Falls, so I can only hope the pay it forward virus continues to spread. Maybe someday we’ll all get along with synthetic blood in ketchup bottles and Jello-mold brains. Humans can continue eating their burgers and fries.

Read Candice Boutilier’s column.

PS. Candice, you misspelled my name. There’s no space between the Lily and the Bat. It’s LilyBat, like my sister is DeMonica.

Now here’s a link (if you don’t already know it) to a zombie who has very little interest in brains. She’s mostly concerned about her beauty. She needs to eat more. She wasting away. Betty Bones’ blog is all over the place. I don’t think she knows what she wants to talk about. She’s a little thick, and she’s a little thin.

My best friend, Abby Cadaver will have a fit if I don’t mention her blog. She’d probably withhold her famous desserts. She works pretty hard on her reviews, so check it out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Haunting holidays.

I found this column that alerted me to a great resource for your next vacation. There is a travel firm called Haunting Breaks that can set you up in a stay at a haunted castle, morbid mill or eerie inn.

Click for column.
Click for Haunting Breaks.

Enjoy your next vacation with a headless ghost. At least they won’t peek at you in the shower.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

“Make sure you get the heart” will be mine.

Not really news — more like olds, but it’s history with attitude; and attitude is something I can respect. Check out Cracked’s list of tough last words. You’ll want to change your powder-puff ways and face your demise with nerve. Click here.

Something bugged me about this list, however. No women. Is that the editor’s fault? Maybe. I did a search to find something with more relevance to us grrls. The article is a tad old, but you get the picture. Women are just as tough as men, and are often overlooked. Click for last words and stories of unheralded heroines.

That’s more like it. Now where can I find those famous last words of brave monsters and vampires?

Monday, June 9, 2008

White zombies can’t jump

George Romero had it right from the beginning, and he’s sticking to his guns. He believes zombies can’t run, and he’s right. Betty Bones is a zombie, and she can’t beat me in a race across Dread Falls. Granted she’s a bit further along the decomposition path, but I know other zombies, and they are like molasses.
Here’s a link to the article I found. Kudos to George Romero for truth.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Not news fit to print

Urg. Whose blog is this anyway? I’m supposed to say something about the fact that I’m in a poster print portrait on deviantArt. Woopeedoo. Go see it buy it bla bla bla. Oh, and JITTERBUTTER™ something or other. Some news page. The news has been dry of bogeys and creeps for a week, and this is what I have to post. Apologies to the hardcore bogey news junkies.

Click for me!
Click for the other chicks.

Monday, June 2, 2008

No photo Yeti, Migoi make you a sketch

Wildlife painter Polyanna Pickering has created what she calls a “photo-fit” of the elusive Yeti creature. I can tell by the sketch she was trying to draw Eddy Yeti, but it really doesn’t look like him all that much. He’s actually very photogenic, and quite a ham, so I’m not sure what the big deal is about getting a real photo. Try calling him for an appointment. He’s in the book.
Linky to the article.

Note to Martin Charlesworth:
Is photo credit really necessary when all you did was photograph the sketch?