Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anti-zombites can change

Well, I’m flabbergasted. Recently I got a comment on one of my posts from an editor to one of the columns to which I linked. That was a pretty weird sentence. Glad I don’t have an editor to get on my case about it. I thought that would be that, and I could go on in my solitude, simply sending a few articles your way. It’s not the way life goes (or the way unlife goes).
The columnist has decided to write a follow-up, and I must commend her for her efforts. This anti-zombite is trying really hard to be more tolerant. I’ve heard it before though, “I have friends who are zombies/vampires/demons/reanimated corpses.” She’s got a long way to go. Being tolerant is not muzzling your neighbors. You offer cookies and tea to your human neighbors, why not offer a brain bite to your zombie friends? Or a nibble and sup to the vampires you know?
Then we read about her favorite vampire movies. That’s all well and good, but she seems to have neglected one important fact about those fiascos. Every movie she mentions ends up with multiple vampire deaths. Doesn’t she like happy endings? Oh, Candice Boutilier, it is I who asks who you are. I’m glad your eyes are opening. I am only a wee vampire trying to get along in a human world.
Columbia Basin is a long way from Dread Falls, so I can only hope the pay it forward virus continues to spread. Maybe someday we’ll all get along with synthetic blood in ketchup bottles and Jello-mold brains. Humans can continue eating their burgers and fries.

Read Candice Boutilier’s column.

PS. Candice, you misspelled my name. There’s no space between the Lily and the Bat. It’s LilyBat, like my sister is DeMonica.

Now here’s a link (if you don’t already know it) to a zombie who has very little interest in brains. She’s mostly concerned about her beauty. She needs to eat more. She wasting away. Betty Bones’ blog is all over the place. I don’t think she knows what she wants to talk about. She’s a little thick, and she’s a little thin.

My best friend, Abby Cadaver will have a fit if I don’t mention her blog. She’d probably withhold her famous desserts. She works pretty hard on her reviews, so check it out.

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