Saturday, August 2, 2008

Grim Undertakings

Seems like everyone’s jumping on the “ghost hunting” band-wagon these days. The good news is anyone jumping on is not really likely to be doing it for the monetary value of it as much as the thrill that is present for people who are interested in ghostly happenings.
Truly, ghostly happenings are mostly boring. They throw the worst parties, and they’re not very gracious guests. I can’t remember the last time one offered to pay for dinner.

Anyway, I have to give some kudos to The Chronicle Herald since it seems as if I find a lot of good information in their features and articles. This one about Grim Undertakings based in Nova Scotia was particularly entertaining and informative.

And if you find their studies interesting, I’ve done the Googling for you. Here’s their official site:
Grim Undertakings.

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