Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twilight - Breaking Dawn breaking rules

This sort of thing drives me batty. No kidding. Pun, intentional or not is putting it mildly.

A school library in Utah had taken Breaking Dawn of the Twilight series off the shelf because of one complaint about sexual content. They denied that was the reason, citing that other Twilight books were available at their library (okay, so then what's wrong with this one?).
Apparently the sex involved is marital too (and only implied), so what’s the problem?

I would withhold judgment before writing anything about this, but the grounds have no solid argument. There are countless jr. high and high school books that include implied and described sexual situations. Heck, the bible has implied sex. Just more anti-vambites who have a problem with a human/vampire relationship.

Better stay away from those Sookie Stackhouse novels, n00bs.

Read this if you want your blood to boil.

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