Saturday, April 18, 2009

A tree grows in Brook-lung

A tree. In a man’s lung. For reals!
Before clicking on this link, please be sure you want to see this. Imagine a seed germinating in the soft tissue inside your body. Roots, well, take root; feeding a sapling with moisture from your own lungs. Pine needles develop, and soon you have a TREE inside you!
We’ve all heard the old adage, “Don’t swallow watermelon seeds if you don’t want to grow a watermelon patch in your belly.” Now, we have evidence that it might be based on some kind of miracle-weirdness half-truth!


Janna said...

I've heard of something similar to this.
Some kid stuck a kidney bean up his nose, and it took root in his sinuses.
It started to sprout, and they actually had to do surgery to remove it.

My only question is, I wonder how these internal plants get enough sunlight to stay alive?

Webmonster said...

Janna, as a vampire I make a point of never getting sunlight, and I'm alive… well, sorta… well, maybe not ;)