Monday, January 5, 2009

Cracked is whack with their lists

I was alerted to this list on earlier today. It lists “6 Bizarre Real World Versions of Fictional Monsters.” Little do they know (obviously) that there are players and poseurs , and there are fictional characters, but then there are the real things.
The list is amusing nonetheless. Worth a look see. First on the list is vampires, so I'm not sure if that should be an insult or compliment. Maybe Ian Fortey needs a nibble.

He also lists zombies. I wonder what Betty Bones would think. And Frankenstein. Abby Cadaver probably wouldn't care either way. And last on the list is demons. My own little sister, DeMonica is a demon. She seems to think that since she’s last on the list it means she’s considered to be the least pretentious. Let her go on thinking that.

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Janna said...

I checked out the site.
Wow, did you see the video of the 2-headed dog?
Not a dog that was born with 2 heads, but a Russian scientist guy actually sewed two dogs together and made Frankendog.